Hospitality - my greatest passion and common thread!

Hospitality is the common thread running through everything I do. Knowledge, passion and joy is always with me, particularly in my role as an authorised guide to the many places close to my heart, and in my lectures on hospitality and guest interaction, sharing my insights and experiences.

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Amanda lectures on hospitality and guest interaction. Her clients include tourism organisations, major tourism industry operations, local and regional councils.

Amanda’s lectures on hospitality and guest interaction often revolve around themes such as…

... the concepts of Hospitality and Service

... Internal and external hospitality

... digital and in-person hospitality, as well as friendly circles – how does this impact the guest’s experience, and ourselves?

... positive effects and unexpected side effects of good hospitality

... hospitality throughout the guest’s entire journey

... hospitality as a tool when things do not go as planned…

... when good hospitality creates motivation and joy!


Travel guide

Amanda is an experienced travel guide, frequently hired by travel organisers both in the Nordics and in German-speaking countries. With West Sweden, the Göta Canal, Swedish and Finnish Lapland, Norway (northern Norway in particular) and Hurtigruten as her specialty areas, she adds value to the guests’ experience, bringing passion, happiness and good hospitality to help create unforgettable travel experiences.


Guide to West Sweden

An authorised guide makes your visit all the more memorable!

As an authorised tourist guide to Gothenburg and West Sweden, Amanda will teach you more about the captivating past, present and future of various places. She enjoys guiding you to her personal favourite locations, and offers you an experience out of the ordinary. Locations in West Sweden particularly close to her heart include the area between lakes Vänern and Vättern, the Lake Vänern archipelago and Djurö National Park, Mariestad and the Göta Canal.


Who is behind Värdskapsbyrån?

My name is Amanda, and I’m the woman behind Värdskapsbyrån! My office is located on the island of Torsö in Lake Vänern, but I work all over Sweden and its Nordic neighbours. I moved to Sweden almost 25 years ago, after completing a travel agency programme in Switzerland, where I was born and raised. The tourism industry is close to my heart, the field and all the heroes working in it give me a lot of energy and joy in my work.

I live on Torsö with my three teenagers. I am grateful for the woods and the cliffs nearby, places where I can relax, reflect and find new energy, every day. In my free time, I enjoy reading, discovering new places, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.


My highlights

Having a nice meeting with a guest

Realising my contribution to an unforgettable travel experience

Knowing that my knowledge and experience makes a difference to other people


The principles that form a common thread in everything I do






I aspire to be generous, and give you my own, unique view of the places close to my heart, and of the magic of hospitality!

You are warmly welcome to contact me!